Free crochet dog sweater pattern

Free crochet dog sweater pattern

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Free crochet dog sweater pattern

Crochet Dog Sweater (Dog Sweater, Minko, Minko, Minko)

This dog sweater is crochet pattern is simple and elegant enough to be used in many different occasions, such as holiday gifts, wedding gifts and etc.

This crochet dog sweater is made with cotton yarn and only requires you to use 5 (8) mm crochet hook and two chain stitch. You can use the yarn suggested or choose your favorite colors.

As a pattern, this is so simple that even your kids can do it.


Size F/5 (3.5mm) crochet hook

Cotton yarn (1 skein)

Dog toy (optional)


1. Crochet Sleeve

Place your dog toy inside the sleeve part, and crochet a band of three single crochet to secure it. Next, chain a few more stitches. You should end up with three single crochet and six chain stitches. Place your toy next to the first chain stitch, and crochet a round of single crochet. You can chain as many rounds as you wish, to get your desired sleeve length.

Tip: Crochet a round of single crochet every 4 to 5 chain stitches, as you crochet your dog toy.

2. Arrange the Back

On your worktable, arrange three pieces of crocheted single crochet, where you’ll add the buttons later on.

3. Arrange the Sleeves

The sleeves are the same as the back. But the sleeve size you choose will depend on the size of your dog. If you have a small dog, choose a small size, if you have a large dog, choose a larger size.

4. Finish the Crochet Sleeves

Chain a few stitches to finish the crochet sleeves.

5. Crochet the Neck

Crochet a line of two double crochet and three single crochet along your dog toy’s neck.

Tip: Crochet a pair of ears if your dog has ear-shaped eyes. If you wish, use a yarn that’s close to the color of your dog’s fur.

6. Sew the Button

Sew on a button to your dog’s sweater. If you’d like, sew your crochet sweater at the other end of the sweater.

7. Sew the Sleeves

Sew on your sleeves in place, so that the sleeves will fit comfortably around your dog.

8. Sew on the Arms

Arrange the crochet pieces on your worktable. You’ll crochet the crochet sweaters for the arms next.

9. Add the Two Buttons

Arrange the crocheted parts of your dog’s sweater on your worktable.

10. Crochet the Arms

Crochet one row of two double crochet, followed by one row of three single crochet along each dog toy’s arm.

11. Add the Neck Ribbing

Chain a few stitches to connect the crocheted parts.

12. Add the Buttons

Crochet a row of five double crochet. Then, crochet a few single crochet stitches to add the buttons on the left and right sides of your dog’s sweater.

We hope you enjoyed this crochet crochet sweater tutorial. If you are not sure about this crochet project, try our other crochet crochet tutorials and find a crochet project you can make with just crochet stitches. Share your own crochet projects with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you know the time it takes to make this DIY doggie sweater? How about the materials you’ll need to make the sweater?

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