This way the garden is safe from puppies

This way the garden is safe from puppies

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There are many dangers lurking in the garden for a young dog. It is all the more important to make the property safe from puppies. You should take special care that your puppy does not come into contact with poisonous plants or fall into the water. There is a lot to discover for a puppy in the garden - Image: Shutterstock / Christian Mueller

A small puppy and lots of play space in a large garden - at first glance that sounds more than idyllic. But before your four-legged household growth can romp carefree on the lawn, you should check the terrain critically. If you want to give your young dog a run there, the garden must be set up to be puppy-proof.

The puppy-proof garden: Warning poisonous plants!

What is considered a beautiful blossom in human eyes can quickly become dangerous if the curious puppy chews on leaves, stems or plant bulbs. The best thing to do is to remove poisonous plants as early as possible so that dangerous situations do not arise. Plants poisonous to dogs include, for example, laburnum, delphiniums, poppies, daffodils, lily of the valley, angel's trumpet, foxglove and rhododendron.

Contain the sources of danger in the garden

It is not just garden plants that can be dangerous for a young dog who wants to try everything and nibble on it. You should also check the rest of the garden furnishings for puppy-proof condition. The garden pond or the swimming pool can also become a danger for a puppy - even a shallow water should be fenced off or covered for safety.

Since a small puppy can easily squeeze through any gap, it is best to check the garden fence carefully for slip-through possibilities and to retrofit hedges with a close-meshed fence. Tools with sharp blades should of course not be lying around in the garden - just as pesticides, fertilizers, snail venom and the like must of course not be accessible to the puppy.

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