Removing cat from harley headers

Removing cat from harley headers

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Removing cat from harley headers...

I just bought a new bike off ebay last night. I noticed on the headers on it that it had a cat on there. Does anyone know where I could get the cat removed or if it can be welded off? I have to replace the bottom end but I want to leave the top end stock. If anyone knows a good site with instructions let me know, it's going to be in the car next week and I need to do it right.

You don't need to replace the ends. Just disconnect the r filters and replace the filter. The cat is a hold down piece. You can remove it and just leave the filter assembly. There are threads on the sides of the filter, and the filter body itself is frly accessible on top.

A couple of years ago a cat fled on my bike. I just pulled the filter off and disconnected the r filers. I believe this is easier than removing the head pipe and running in new hardware.

The cat is not actually part of the head pipe but welded to it. You do not have to replace it but you do have to run in new heads bolts, which are included in your package. You need to remove the top and bottom of the engine. If you don't know how to do this, you can do a search here.

You can find the bolt head sizes and torque specs here and here. Some people, such as Mike on the original post, use a torque wrench with a .5 inch extension. The .5 extension should be able to reach the top bolts. You will also want to use some wrenches. They are not hard to find and are probably already at your local bike shop.

Here is a picture of my head pipe removal from my old bike. Note that the only difference is the bolt was on the bottom of the head and not the side. Everything else was the same. Your bike should have the same dimensions.

I recommend checking with the bike shop if you don't know what part you need to replace. But, you can always get all the parts and do the head pipe removal yourself. It's not as bad as it sounds. You can find videos on YouTube for the how to do the job. It will be worth it in the long run.

If you feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can also buy a new bolt and bolt threads (you can find them at most hardware stores). They are not expensive.

I did the same thing, I was able to pop the cat off and replaced the head bolts with new ones (the old ones wouldn't do it) I think your right about the bottom bolts, that's the way mine were, I also have the new ones.

If you don't know how to do this, you can do a search here or search Youtube for tutorials. The one above also tells you what size bolts you will need. Hope this helps. Also, if you do find that your bike has the same dimensions as my bike, don't worry, you will just need to swap the parts over.

I've done it and it's pretty easy. The only major problem I had is I needed to cut the top side down of the head pipe. I did it with a pipe cutter. But for the most part it was easy. If I had to do it agn I would cut the head pipe instead of getting rid of the top side.

As you have found out, removing the top side is the more difficult part.

The first thing you need to do is remove the head bolt at the top of the head pipe. This is really easy to do, but don't do this unless you are comfortable with getting your hands under the gas tank. You can unscrew the bolt with a set of small allen keys.

Next, look at the bottom side of the head pipe. You want to find the bolt that goes into the top of the head (the one that goes into the frame). Remove the nut and bolt that goes into that head and remove the head from the frame.

To get the bolt that goes into the frame off, remove the gas tank and slide a long, thin flat object into the frame (I used a Phillips screwdriver handle). You may need to bend some of the handle on the end (the tip) and slide it into the frame. Slide the head backwards and the bolt will come out. I did this by twisting the handle as the bolt was coming out.

Once you have the bolt out, use a small ratchet and socket set to remove the bolt from the frame. You may want to get a new bolt, you never know what has been in there, and you don't want to make things worse.

As you have found out, removing the top side is the more difficult part.

The first thing you need to do is remove the head bolt at the top of the head pipe. This is really tricky. I don't know the sizes of the bolts or how the head gasket is attached so it could take some effort. I had to remove a bolt that was at the top and loosen the head bolt from the frame. The head bolt was pretty tight and I had to remove them with a small ratchet. I hope that works for you.

I really can't say enough about how much more comfortable my ride is now. I have gotten rid of the rattles on the floorboard, which is a pretty big plus. It is so much quieter than the rattles were on my earlier bike. My knees and feet feel like they have a comfortable place to be. It is truly amazing how much better the bike is when it is completely cleaned up and all the parts are taken out and washed.

Another plus, the bike looks really nice now. I feel like it's a show bike now.

I am happy with my bike and my frame is still very nice. I will continue to have it cleaned and polished whenever I get a chance. I just wish I had done it sooner.

You were able to return a bike you didn't want to keep. You did this in an economical and safe manner.

I really wouldn't sweat the top side. Most times when they do a pnt job on a Harley they just spray pnt the top side and the original color is never seen agn. It is nice to know your bike was done right.

Keep in mind the cost of the bike should not get you down. You bought the bike for its performance, comfort and reliability. You are keeping that value in your bike by washing it and mntning it. It will still be that way in ten years.

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