Boy dog names that end in y

Boy dog names that end in y are cute, but there are tons more

The name of the week is "Randy," the adorable, soft-spoken and playful pup born on March 6 at the Dallas Animal Shelter. He was adopted into the household of his first family this week, a couple who are thrilled with this puppy who has been through a lot.

“Randy is the love of our life,” sd the new mom and dad. “We were wting for him for over a year because he needed to be a good fit for us. We knew we wanted a family-oriented dog who gets along with kids, other animals and would be great with the kids we already have. I’ve never seen a cuter dog. We can’t wt to bring him home to show him off.”

Randy is just a few weeks old, but these two lovebirds know the perfect name for him: Fyodor Yevgrafovich.

This pup's name is inspired by a dog born with a different-shaped heart. The puppy's story was caught by the animal shelter in Mexico.

Meet Fyodor Yevgrafovich, the dog with a different-shaped heart and the new name of the week. (Dallas Animal Shelter/Facebook)

If you'd like to have your dog named after a great Russian author, there's a way to go about it. Just as they do with famous people and celebrities, shelters around the country use unique ways to help you choose a name for your dog.

Randy was named after this pup, Fyodor Yevgrafovich, who is just a few weeks old.

It's kind of like choosing a name for your own baby, sd Ktlin, who is a writer and producer for the Dallas Animal Shelter.

“There’s this whole process of going through the shelter to find out which of the dogs have the personality trts that you’re looking for in your new furry friend,” she sd.

The Dallas Animal Shelter is trying to rse the money to buy a webcam for Fyodor and his foster mother, so they can watch him grow.

To help make this happen, they're giving this pup a new name.

“If you know someone who loves Russian literature or who can write a story about a puppy born with a different-shaped heart, that person will receive half of the cost of naming this puppy,” Ktlin sd.

The shelter has already been swamped with applications from people who want to name this adorable pup. You can go online and fill out the online application for Fyodor here.

“The goal is for people to share these stories online so that they will be spread around,” she sd.

There’s a $20 donation to help you get started. After that, the application fee is $35. The shelter hopes to make an announcement on the winning name in about a month.

“He’s such a sweet, adorable puppy, so I definitely want to name him after someone who knows what it’s like to love and nurture a puppy,” sd Ktlin.

“We're already planning to do lots of stuff for Fyodor over the next three years,” she sd. “I just know he'll be loved and cared for.”

The Dallas Animal Shelter is at 7300 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75252. To make a donation to help this pup reach his forever home, you can go online to:

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