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Dog too fat? How to recognize overweight

Dog too fat? How to recognize overweight

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If your dog is overweight, you should do something about it as soon as possible: carrying too much weight around is very unhealthy for your pet. The following signs indicate that your four-legged friend may be too fat How do you know if a dog is really overweight? - Image: Shutterstock / Olena Savytska


Obesity in dogs is not only recognizable on the scales, but is also apparent in the way your pet behaves. To see if your dog is too fat, you should first take a close look at your four-legged friend.

Slim line or overweight?

If your dog does not have too long, thick fur, you can usually see very well what its ideal figure is like if you take a look at it from above while it is standing. Is his waist clearly defined so that your pet's figure is narrower towards the pelvis? Then he probably has a normal figure. In a normal-weight dog, you can feel the ribs, which are only under a thin layer of fat, just like the bones on the base of the rod. If you can no longer feel them, the fat layer above them is clearly too thick.

Dog too fat: changes in behavior and appearance

If your pet moves sluggishly or even breathes, it may be because he carries too many kilos with him. Overweight dogs usually get out of breath very quickly, which can be shown, for example, when playing, dog sports or racing on a bike.

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Your pet may sleep or lie down more than usual and become lazy and sluggish. A dog that is too fat can also lose the luster of his fur. The veterinarian will ultimately decide whether your fur nose is really too thick. They can also use it to clarify what measures you can take to bring your pet back to normal weight.

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