Is it normal for cats to snore

Is it normal for cats to snore

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Is it normal for cats to snore?

I know a lot of cats snore and the reason can be their age and stress and sleeping position.

But is it normal for a healthy adult cat?


Is it normal for a healthy adult cat?

No, and it shouldn't be.

I personally have a friend who's cat (and I presume yours as well) has this habit. His has never been to a vet and so he never had any medical work done on his snoring. As such, he is extremely overweight and is snoring at least twice a night.

The cat is otherwise in good health (the snoring is so loud it disturbs my own sleep) and he's otherwise a good cat.

I've seen the same thing from other cats in my life, as well as dogs.

As you suspected, it is a habit that your cat has learnt. It is not normal behaviour.


No. This is a problem of your cat's health, as is the case with snoring. A healthy cat is not allowed to snore.

If this behaviour has become the norm, this is because your cat is overweight and you should seek medical assistance immediately to reduce the amount of weight.


No, its not normal.

If it is, your cat is sick.

I had an overweight cat that started to snore. At first it was pretty funny, but after a while I noticed it disturbing my sleep.

I took him to the vet, and he had an infection in his nasal area.


Cats cannot normally snore because the nasal passages are not used for snoring. The snoring is a response to a lack of rflow. The lack of rflow is a symptom of a medical problem.

If a cat snores, it's usually because he has an infection or other health problem. Snoring may also be a symptom of heart or lung disease, cancer, liver disease, and diabetes. If your cat snores it's best to see a vet to determine what is wrong.

Snoring in dogs is similar to that in cats, but the problem is usually a respiratory infection. Snoring in a dog will not be a medical problem unless the dog has respiratory problems and a check up at the vet is in order.

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