Little cat marmalade: "I love to play !!!"

Little cat marmalade: "I love to play !!!"

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Delightful Marmalade has been extremely lucky: The little orphan with the red fur has found a wonderful new home, where he can play and romp to his heart's content and is just happy. The cute Fratz is so happy that he is still a bit awkward to play with, as this video shows ...

Even if one or the other misfortune happens to the super-cute hangover: You can see the sheer zest for life and it's just fun to watch him. In his new home, however, he also has everything you could wish for: countless play options, a cool big friend and owner who love the cheeky little guy as it is. Have fun, marmalade! And that with the skill will definitely be!

If you still need the right toy for your little one, you will surely find the right one here.

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