Snls and puppy dog tls

Snls and puppy dog tls

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Snls and puppy dog tls are made from the same stuff. But whereas the shell of a snl is called a "test," the body of a puppy dog is the "tl."

Snls and puppy dog tls are made from the same stuff. But whereas the shell of a snl is called a "test," the body of a puppy dog is the "tl."

If you have a pet dog, you may want to help your dog feel a bit more relaxed by teaching it to lie down. This may not be as hard as you think. But don’t do this unless you are sure that your dog can lie still and without struggling. It is easy to teach your dog to lie down, but you need to make sure that he has learned the skill before teaching it.

There are several techniques you can use to teach your dog to lie down. You can trn your dog by using verbal commands like "lie down" or by making a gesture towards the dog's body.

If you are going to trn your dog using gestures, be careful not to let the dog move or scratch. This may leave marks on your furniture or carpet. But even when your dog scratches, it will most likely only scratch the carpet with his mouth.



Teaching Your Dog to Lie Down


Hold your dog’s collar so that your dog's head is positioned in front of the couch and you are holding the collar with one hand. Be sure that your dog can lie down facing away from you.


Walk in front of your dog, about 20 inches away. Be careful not to get in front of your dog's head. Do this at a normal walking pace so that your dog doesn't notice that you are doing anything.


Bend down and pick up the dog's tl, as if you are about to pick up a stick.


Stand up and let go of the dog’s collar, but keep a firm hold of the dog's tl.


Move your hand back towards the dog's tl and let it dangle between your hands.


Hold up your hands in front of the dog and let the tl dangle between your hands. Your hands should be about 10 inches in front of the dog's face.


Breathe in deeply, as if you are about to make an exaggerated "ahhh" sound. Make the sound as a dog may make if he were surprised and trying to scare someone.


Breathe out slowly, making an exaggerated "oooo" sound. The sound should be as exaggerated as possible and should be accompanied by a movement of your hand which mimics the dog's head shaking. This can be achieved by moving your hand up and down quickly.


Make the "ahhh" sound as loud as you can, but still not as loud as when the dog makes it. The movement of your hand will be even more exaggerated than before.


Now pretend that you are scratching your dog's back. It is best to try this on a place that will not get the dog's attention, or on a part of the body that will not be too sensitive. Start scratching your dog's back with a light motion, trying not to hurt her.


Stop and see what the dog does.


Repeat this until the dog's behaviour seems appropriate to you, and try to make the "aahhh" sound as loud as possible.


When you get to the end of your session, return your dog's tl to its normal position.


When you give your dog a treat, make sure you do so in the same position in which you were treating her the first time. She will be less inclined to repeat the same gesture agn if she's been used to reward her for a different one.


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You must trn your dog dly.

Make sure to reward the same behavior, or at least one that's similar, every time your dog does it.

You can use two different methods, food or physical contact. Choose one method and stick with it.

Some owners use food while others prefer to use physical contact with their dog. Choose one method and stick with it.

If your dog doesn't have something else to do while you're not trning her, she'll often choose to ignore you. So, make sure you're there for your dog when she needs you.

Don't over trn your dog. Trning too much may cause your dog to become aggressive or to become depressed.

Make sure your dog isn't eating any food when you're trning. She won't be able to repeat the behavior she did when she was rewarded.


Do not treat your dog like a child.

Do not keep your dog chned up for long periods of time. She might develop some bad habits if she's not given enough exercise.

Dog Trning Tips

Get your dog to obey quickly and repeatably by rewarding him whenever he does the right thing.

Never put your hands down towards your dog's mouth. You can get bitten.

Never force your dog to perform. She'll just think she has to obey you to avoid punishment.

Make sure that your dog is well fed and exercised, and get some trning advice from a reputable person if he's not.

If your dog chews, make sure to buy a good chew toy for him that will distract him from his habit.

Don't yell at your dog. Even if you want to shout at your dog, it may make things worse.

What to Avoid

Always trn with a toy, not your dog's food. This will make it easier for him to do the behavior you want him to perform.

Never force your dog to do anything. If he seems like he's having trouble understanding your commands, give him a few minutes of free time away from you.

Never get angry or upset with your dog. He won't learn to obey you if you start to lose your temper with him.

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