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Tony moly bling cat

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Tony moly bling catwalk: the rise of the big cat

Lily Collins is a little worried. It’s a Wednesday morning in May and she’s just arrived at the Molyneux Hotel in Notting Hill for the moly bling catwalk show, which runs from midday to 6pm. She’s only just turned up for the first session of the show, which begins with a presentation from the British Council’s Young Leaders Programme, a charity that helps young people in developing countries. She gets caught up in a conversation and ends up talking to the director of the BCP charity, which ms to improve the living standards of people in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world.

The director explns that the charity is rsing money for the moly bling catwalk show. The BCP has been involved for a few years now, having rsed $10,000 to sponsor the previous show and $20,000 to sponsor this year’s event. There’s a huge prize for the event, with a prize money of $25,000. The director of the BCP is hoping to rse a little more than that and he’s hoping that by rsing the money for the show, the BCP’s work will improve. Collins says that if people could support the charity then it would be fantastic, but the director is quick to stress that even if they don’t get involved in the show, they can still donate to the charity to show their support for it.

The director then asks Collins to give a short talk. She’s nervous because she’s never done a talk like this, and she knows that she’s going to have to talk about something that’s close to her heart. She ends up giving a talk about her charity work. She explns that it’s difficult to fundrse because it costs a lot of money to organise all the trips and to look after the people who are on them. The people who are working on the charity’s trips are pd very little, so to rse money, the charity has to find creative ways of rsing money. The director then says that they’ve rsed about $5,000, which is a massive amount for a charity that hasn’t been around for very long. It sounds like a huge amount to Collins, but she says that she thinks that they’re doing a fantastic job.

The moly bling catwalk show is starting. The audience can’t sit and watch it because it’s so noisy and chaotic. There are lots of dancers and models and there are cameras on top of the DJ. There are lots of people with microphones and it’s impossible to hear what’s being sd. There’s music and there’s a large audience of people. It seems like the whole of Notting Hill is there and there are lots of cameras everywhere. The moly bling catwalk show is about to start. The audience gets louder and it seems like there are people standing on the balcony. The show is really loud and chaotic and people are singing and dancing and there are flashes going off and the music is really loud.

The first half of the show is a bit of a disappointment. It’s just a collection of models and dancers walking around the catwalk in tiny dresses and tiny tops. They wear shiny silver things and their hr is perfectly strght and shiny. There are flashes going off all the time and the music is loud. But the models are very young and very pretty and it’s a pretty show.

Collins starts talking to the director of the BCP. She thinks that the catwalk show is a fantastic event and she’s really proud of the work that the BCP does in Burkina Faso. The show is finished and the models and dancers have left and it’s just the audience and the DJ left on stage. The DJ is talking to the audience, but the audience is too loud to hear what he’s saying. Someone says something to the DJ and the DJ says something back, but neither of them can hear what the other person sd. The DJ’s headphones are so loud that he can’t hear what the audience are saying. The audience is getting more and more excited and they can’t stop shouting and screaming. The DJ starts to play music. It’s a club song that Collins likes, but the DJ starts to play another song.

The DJ asks the audience if they like the other song. The audience screams and shouts, “yes”. But it’s not the same song. The DJ plays the same song agn, but it’s not the same song and it’s a different song. The DJ is playing two different songs.

It’s one of those shows where you just want it to end. There’s one guy who’s wearing an American flag jumper and another guy who’s dressed up as a cowboy. They’re trying to dance, but they’re really drunk and they’re making a mess of themselves. One of the girls is wearing a green dress with a big pr of earrings. There’s a group of girls dancing in front of the audience, but they’re making a lot of noise and they’re trying to be really sexy. Another group of girls are dancing in a circle and they’re making a lot of noise and they’re trying to be really sexy.

The music is really loud, but the DJ is mixing in something very quiet. The audience is going wild. There are lots of lights flashing on and off. People are trying to dance, but they keep bumping into each other and everyone is making a lot of noise. The DJ starts playing something that he’s been working on. He gets up onto the catwalk and starts to talk to the audience. He starts to play a song that’s very slow and very emotional. It’s a song by The xx

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