Who could cut this cat off?

Who could cut this cat off?

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Starting situation in this video: It is early in the morning and the beautiful fluffy cat is really hungry. To finally get food, the sweet fur nose comes up with a lot ...

Most cats have a trick or two in their repertoire that they can use to beg for a little extra food. This gray velvet paw unites them all and not only makes the heart of their owner, but also that of all video viewers, soften.

First she rolls around on the floor out of sheer boredom, then she sits down and looks into the camera with huge eyes. She maws heartbreakingly sweetly. As if that wasn't already cute enough, she pulls out all the stops, comes to the camera, makes males and begs with her cat paws. Have you ever seen something sweeter?

So that your darling doesn't have to go hungry if you can't be at home, here are the right solutions!

Sweet house tigers: Show off your cat paws

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