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Maru's new playmate: raise the curtain for the sweet Hana

Maru's new playmate: raise the curtain for the sweet Hana

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Those who like Maru will be happy about this video: The famous Pummel hangover has got a new playmate! Her name is Hana, she is eight weeks old and would like to introduce herself with this short film.

Who wouldn't want to go through thick and thin with the sweet Maru? He is a really fine guy and proves this impressively when little Hana moves in with him. At first, its owners were unsure whether the six-year-old cat, who had lived alone until then, would accept a new cat. But it only took three days until the cute Scottish Fold hangover started playing with his little new girlfriend.

Now the two have a lot of fun together and if Maru is in a good mood, according to his owners, he even lets Hana sleep in one of his beloved boxes. We are happy for Maru! Even if he was the owner for a long time and has already shown in many videos how well he can do it alone, the cat life for two is simply more beautiful!

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