Rubber duck dog toy

Rubber duck dog toy

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Rubber duck dog toy

The Rubber duck dog toy is the creation of a Canadian, Mark L. Meijer, born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1965, who has patented the dog toy. The invention was marketed to pet owners as a dog training aid. It was manufactured by Rubber Duck Toys, Inc.


The toy became a commercial success, selling more than 10 million toys before the end of 1990.

Rubber Duck Toys' first toys were designed by Canadian children's author, illustrator and photographer, Steve Gibbons and patented by him in 1988. On June 2, 1989, he was granted a patent for his toy. In 1995, Mark L. Meijer and his company Rubber Duck Toys filed for a patent, the first of what would later become a series of patents for rubber duck toys and inventions. In 1997, Meijer won a $225,000 settlement from a competing toy manufacturer who had produced a similar toy and sold it as the "Dog Dog," "Dakota Dog," or "Pet Dog." The settlement stated that Meijer could continue to market the Rubber Duck Dog with the name "The Rubber Duck Dog."

Rubber Duck Toys also manufactures animal figures, which include cats, dogs, llamas, and rabbits.

Meijer was the creator and owner of the Rubber Duck Toys company from the 1990s to 2008, when he sold the company to China-based A year later, Meijer filed a lawsuit against for breach of contract, claiming that he didn't get paid his percentage of sales profits from the company, despite making a $50,000 investment and putting a great deal of time and effort into selling the toys. He had also had to relocate to Taiwan and move back to Canada to manage the company's operations. Meijer was unsuccessful in the lawsuit, as the court found that Rubber Duck Toys was a separate business from the company selling the rubber duck toys.

In July 2009, Rubber Duck Toys was purchased by an investment company named Petmax, which then changed the name to Petcube. A year later, Petcube bought Meijer's shares in the company, and Meijer's investment in the company was written off.

Rubber Duck Dogs

The Rubber Duck Dog is a plush dog that is covered with a rubber duck covering and is made to simulate being licked by a real dog. It was originally released in 1996 as part of a campaign, "Have a Duck, Will Travel," in which children could send in photos of themselves and their pet dog, which were then drawn into a poster by the company. It has been a popular kids' toy since then. In 2005, the company made a "Rubber Duck Dog Jr." version for younger kids. The toys are also made by Rubber Duck Toys.


The original creation of the rubber duck dog was a marketing strategy for Paws and Friends, a brand owned by Rubber Duck Toys. A promotional mailer was sent to households that had a dog and a young child. The mailer consisted of a photograph and a short description of a dog that was a child's best friend. People could submit their dogs' photographs and names in a contest, and the best submission would be used on the mailer. One of the submissions was for "Ginger," who was a black and white toy Dalmatian that had three legs and a rubber duck head. The submission was sent to Steve Darden of Meijer and was published as a rubber duck dog. The product was so successful that it became a toy in its own right. In the United States, the dog is often marketed under the name "Doggie."


There are a variety of dogs and their "duck versions" that are sold in the United States by Rubber Duck Toys. The dogs vary in size and are sold in both children's and adult-size toys. The "doubled up" versions (that is, dogs with dog ears) include both a rubber dog head and a rubber dog tail. The rubber dog heads have both red and blue eyes. The rubber dog tail has black ears with white tips. One version has a red and white plastic nose. There are also a variety of dog toys that include a stick and string to be used to make the dog jump.

The company also makes a variety of other rubber duck toys for children, including a duckling that walks across the floor and a dog that stands up on its hind legs.


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