Van Gogh? Picasso? No, a chimpanzee!

Van Gogh? Picasso? No, a chimpanzee!

They provide ape-strong art: chimpanzees are so gifted with brush and paint that selected works of young monkeys are even auctioned off at auctions. According to research, they are primarily similar to typical children's drawings. A talented artist: The chimpanzee - Image: Shutterstock / anekoho

No more spills with color: Chimpanzees, like other great apes, can paint in a targeted manner. Her works are by no means coincidental products, but primarily reflect the relationship of the animals to the different colors. Affenstark! But why are primates active as painters? Scientists and zoologists argue, among other things, that many monkeys, especially chimpanzees, have discovered an alternative to grooming in painting. The drawing of the different lines is similar to the movements that the animals make when they clean themselves and their fellow animals.

Chimpanzees and other great apes are playfully creative

Either way, the closest relatives of man need employment, which is why most animals are always curious and interested when they first come into contact with brush, paint and paper. Chimpanzees see in their roles as animal Picassos and van Goghs in the first instance the playful component. That leaves the question of questions: can one really speak of art in these cases?

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