How does a cat psychologist work?

How does a cat psychologist work?

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If you notice behavioral problems with your velvet paw, a cat psychologist could help. But what problems is he the right contact person and how does he actually work? For example, a cat psychologist can help with anxiety disorders - Shutterstock: Khamidulin Sergey

A cat psychologist tackles a wide variety of problems. These include, for example, anxiety disorders, aggressiveness or uncleanliness. The therapist first tries to find the cause of the behavioral disorder. Then he draws up a therapy plan for animals and keepers - the help of masters or mistress is particularly in demand.

Cat psychologist: home visit desired

A good psychologist should start an initial interview in the familiar environment of the cat. At home, the house tiger behaves as it is natural for it, and the therapist can get a good idea of ​​a possible behavioral disorder.

An important aspect in the work of a cat psychologist is helping people to help themselves. The therapy measures that he develops for you and your pet should be designed so that you, as the owner, can implement them as easily as possible. Depending on the severity of the psychological problem, animal behavior therapy usually runs over a longer period of time and should therefore be easy and effective for you to maintain over the long term.

Burmese cat: a playful oriental woman

Tips for choosing a therapist

A suitable cat psychologist is not always easy to find. Ask around in your circle of friends and acquaintances, search the Internet for providers in your area. If you already have a bad feeling during the first consultation, say this openly - the chemistry between therapist, animal and you should be right so that the measures can also have an effect.

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