Cat loops: this is how you can stop your animal from eating too quickly

Cat loops: this is how you can stop your animal from eating too quickly

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Does your cat gulp down its food in a matter of seconds and maybe even vomit regularly? Here are tips on what you can do to prevent your cat from eating too quickly and chewing its food properly. Several small servings are healthier than one large one - Shutterstock / African Studio

If a cat swallows, it may have had to starve in the past or have little food at its disposal. Maybe she had to divide the small portions and wanted to eat up quickly before other pets anticipate her. Keyword feed jealousy.

Out of necessity can become a habit: your cat will continue to loop, even though it is now getting enough food.

Cat eats too quickly: what are the consequences?

If a cat swallows while eating, there is a risk that it will get sick and break. But that's not all: In addition, the velvet paw does not get full as quickly as cats that feed at a normal pace.

This can result in the cat becoming overweight. As a rule, such animals become sluggish and thus increase even more. But what can you do to prevent this from happening to your four-legged friend?

Feed smaller portions several times

As simple as it is effective: Feed smaller portions several times a day and not even a full bowl a day. If your cat swallows, it won't swallow a large portion at a time, so there's less risk of vomiting afterwards.

Smaller portions are also generally better tolerated. Furthermore, after the small portion, your cat will notice whether it is full or not. However, if it devours a large portion, it eats so quickly that it does not notice when it eats enough - and eats more than it can take at once.

Feeding cats properly: you should keep this in mind

How you feed your cat properly depends on the living conditions of your favorite ...

Get rid of cat slings - with the anti-sling bowl

There are special bowls in the pet and pet shops that can prevent your cat from slinging. In the so-called anti-looping bowl, the cat food is "hidden" between individual columns or bumps, so that your cat is forced to use its paws and tongue to fish the food from the bowl. Your pet has to concentrate and eats more slowly. Looping is a thing of the past.

Place the bowl in an elevated position

Also helpful if your cat eats too quickly and does not chew: A food bowl in an elevated position. Place the feeding bowl approximately at the level of the snout. This will make your pet eat a little slower. This makes the food slide down the esophagus and your glutton swallows less air. This will help your cat digest the food better.

Feed several cats separately

Do you have more than one cat? Then it can help to feed the animals separately. This not only prevents food jealousy, but also slings when eating.

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