Dog school for babies: Find the right puppy play group

Dog school for babies: Find the right puppy play group

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Dog schools are particularly useful for puppies. The earlier the little ones are brought up professionally, the more harmonious it is to live together later. Read here what you should consider when looking for a puppy play group. Fun and games await your dog in the puppy group - Image: Shutterstock / PCHT

Attending a dog school means not only learning and hard work for dogs (and owners), but also lots of fun with other four-legged friends. In puppy play groups, the cute four-legged friends come into contact with other dogs, practice dealing with conflicts and thus increase their self-confidence.

In this way, the young savages gradually develop their character - and they learn to obey. Before you decide on a dog school or a puppy play group, there are a few things you should consider.

Small puppy play groups achieve higher learning effects

The best puppy play groups consist of a small circle. On the one hand, the young fur noses should not be overwhelmed at the beginning. On the other hand, there is more time to devote to each individual animal. Puppy play groups with less than six dogs are ideal.

Furthermore, the dogs in the puppy play group should be at about the same level of development (harmlessly the same age and size). The dog breed as such, however, does not matter.

Baby dogs playing: Adorable four-legged friends

Rest and play units are particularly important

In addition, inquire in advance about the breaks in the puppy play group. Because sufficient recovery is important for the development of the puppies. Pure game units far away from educational measures are also relevant, in which the little ones can do what they want.

Recommendation from friends and veterinarians

Which dog school or puppy play group is the right one for your animal? Other dog owners can provide crucial tips to answer the question. The veterinarian is also a good point of contact for inquiring about the training and quality standards of various schools and groups. And of course you can get information on the Internet yourself. Are there any field reports or references? It is best to test a group so that the four-legged friends can sniff each other and only then make a decision.

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