This is important for keeping a poodle

The poodle is great for keeping as a family dog. This is not least due to his endearing, clever character. However, its fur is relatively maintenance-intensive. You can find out what else you need to consider here. The poodle is happy about an attitude with children - Image: Shutterstock / Ricard Chaff

Poodles are a friendly, adaptable dog breed and very fond of children. Therefore, keeping the curly heads is usually relatively easy. They are also very smart - they understand commands quickly and their upbringing is fairly straightforward.

Attitude of the curly heads: family connection is important

It is very important to the poodle that its owners have time for it and integrate it everywhere. He does not like to be left alone and is happy when he can be with "his people". The animals originally bred for water hunting are very sensitive and quickly sense the moods of their owners.

Occupy poodles appropriately: games and dog sports

Poodles need enough exercise every day - the large representatives of this breed of dog a little more, the small toy poodles a little less. But it is not important to him to run kilometers of miles for hours. But he is happy about games, opportunities to sniff and discover as well as one or the other bath in the water. So that your curly clever head does not feel mentally challenged, you should play intelligence games with it. With nose work you can sharpen his sense, for example. Trickdogging - teaching different tricks - is also fun for poodles.

Furthermore, poodles like to let off steam in agility, are suitable for obedience training as well as for dog dancing. Thanks to their intelligence, their "will to please" and their zeal for work, the fluffy dogs can also be trained well as rescue dogs or assistance dogs.

Clever, sweet and woolly: poodles as family dogs

Poodles have a long life expectancy

In general, it should be noted that the breed lives relatively long. An unusually high age of 16 to 18 years for breed animals is not uncommon, especially with the smaller species. So before you buy a poodle, consider that you have to take care of it for almost two decades.

Poodle: grooming is important

The care of the fur of the dogs is relatively complex. The poodle is not subject to change of fur, so it loses almost no hair. However, this means that the hair grows indefinitely - and eventually becomes matted. Therefore, you should shear your dog regularly or trim its fur. Every six to eight weeks would be ideal, the fur should be shortened at least every three months. It is best to have the dog hairdresser show you how to tame the fur properly so that you do not accidentally cut too much.

Allergy sufferers are often well advised with a representative of this breed, since the lack of hair loss causes no symptoms for many sufferers - but you should definitely test this before you buy a poodle. Apart from shearing or trimming the fur, the four-legged friend should be brushed every day so that the coat remains nice and healthy and shiny.

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