Mating behavior of cats: foreplay and mating

Mating behavior of cats: foreplay and mating

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Mating behavior is a kind of foreplay for cats. If a cat lady has chosen a cat, they "flirt" with each other before the act of mating occurs. The cat gently bites the cat's neck and begins the mating act - Shutterstock / Alexey Borodin

When it comes to mating behavior, cats and cats both behave strangely in their own way. A mischievous cat lures the males with pheromones, which then fight with other cats to conquer the heart of the cat lady.

Foreplay is part of the mating behavior

All this effort from the hangovers is not absolutely necessary, because the furry cat lady does not necessarily choose the strongest male for the mating act. It is difficult to say from a human point of view, after which she decides which cat can mate with her. The mating behavior of cats usually takes place in secret, since the animals understandably like to be undisturbed. The cat lady apparently chooses the cat she likes best at the moment.

This is followed by the prelude, which is similar to a tango dance, but can vary from cat to cat. The cat woos the cat lady, follows her and tries to approach her. The cat lady flirts, withdraws and also spreads paws. The next moment she lures him back, rolls on the floor, lets him get closer - and the game starts again.

Mating behavior: This is how cats and cats differ

The mating behavior of cats follows its own rules of the game. The female cat is in heat ...

When cats do the mating

After a while she lets him do the mating if the cat is lucky. He sits on the cat and uses the neck bite to keep it still. The cat lady lifts her butt and stretches her cock to the side so that the cat can penetrate with his penis.

The male penis is provided with small spikes or papillae, which cause pain to the female cat during the act of mating. She cries out loud and tries aggressively to get rid of the hangover as quickly as possible. The male must then quickly get to safety. The shock triggers the ovulation of the cat lady, so that fertilization is possible.

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