"Huu, I'm a ghost!": Cat hides under the sheet

A string, a pompom, a bed sheet - Katerchen Roodi doesn't need more in the video to have a great time. The funny cat keeps running under the sheet to pounce on the pompom. From the outside you can only see how the sheet moves ... if you didn't know that there was a cute hangover underneath, you could think it was a ghost. Roodi's gray colleague Thunder is completely unimpressed by the spook. He has made himself comfortable on the wall opposite and is watching the spectacle.

"Puff! Knuff! Take this, you plush fiend!", Roodi seems to think as he reaches for the pompom with his paws. Every now and then his paws peek out from under the sheet and once his camouflage flies up. The cute, black and white cat looks very surprised when suddenly her head is no longer hidden from the bed sheet. "Yikes !? I'm being filmed!", The cheeky badger marveled and quickly crumbled back under the bed.

After all, Roodi is tired of playing and comes out of hiding. If you play so hard, you can take a break. Then Roodis Herrchen raises the bed sheet a little and lo and behold! All the time, Roodi's sister, the pretty lucky cat Cupcake, is hiding under the bed. Now it's her turn too with games.

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