Smart animals: the smartest animals

Smart animals: the smartest animals

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Dolphins or monkeys, what are the most intelligent animal species on our planet? In our series of pictures we present five particularly resourceful animals, some of which could be seen by some people. Horses: The mounts can interpret the facial expressions of people - Image: Shutterstock / Julia Moll

Dolphins: The sea creatures recognize each other by their sounds - Image: Shutterstock / Willyam Bradberry Elephants: The pachyderms pass the mirror test without any problems - Image: Shutterstock / Johan Swanepoel Monkeys: They use numerous tools as a matter of course - Image: Shutterstock / Kletr Ravens: The birds are able to count - Image: Shutterstock / O lympus Horses: The mounts can interpret the facial expressions of people - Image: Shutterstock / Julia Moll

Actually, the intelligence of different animal species cannot really be compared scientifically - the natural requirements are simply too different, think, for example, of the completely different brain size of an ant and a monkey. However, certain behaviors can be used to determine what kind of thinking, given their brain mass, the animals are capable of. As expected, the dolphin, which is often said to be the most intelligent animal, is at the top of the list of the most intelligent animals. The marine mammals recognize each other by their sounds, which is comparable to the human naming - and is unique in the animal world.

Monkeys are thinking about the future

Elephants are also particularly clever. The gentle giants easily pass the mirror test and use, for example, tufts of plants and twigs to scare away flies. Perhaps the best-known tool professional among animal species is the monkey. In addition, the animals closely related to us can think about the near future and are even sneaky towards their peers, which requires an understanding of the other.

Rabenschlau: Birds are among the most intelligent animals

Raven is also familiar with the use of tools. You can skilfully bend a wire to use it and sometimes even count it, as demonstrated by a raven named "Jakob". Last but not least, the horse is one of the most intelligent animals in the world. The loyal riding companions can read the facial expressions of people and think of various strategies to solve problems.

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