The Advantages of Puppy Neutering

The Advantages of Puppy Neutering

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Unless you're planning on breeding your dog later on down the line, you'll want to get him fixed at a young age. Some of the perks are beneficial to you, too.

Less Spraying

The earlier you neuter your puppy, the less likely he’ll be to feel the urge to mark his turf. When he’s fixed, his testosterone level isn’t raging and giving him the need to claim everything as his. As a result, he may never learn to lift his leg up. If he has already started doing that, spay will usually cause him to stop or to mark less frequently. If he does happen to spray, the substance won’t smell as strong as it would if he were not neutered.

He’ll Stay Home

When your puppy is a young intact adolescent, he has this desire to go out and explore his surroundings, and he'll gravitate to any female who’s in heat. After getting him snipped, though, his urge to roam goes away. Since he won’t feel the need to procreate, he’ll be more likely to be perfectly content in his turf, right in his own backyard. You won’t have to stress about him hopping the fence, getting hit by a car or being picked up by animal control.

Friendlier Pooch

Male pups who aren’t fixed tend to battle with others for position of top dog. Fights break out at dog parks, and brawls can occur while walking down the street all because intact pooches feel a bit more aggressive than neutered dogs. But after getting yours fixed, his hormone levels will balance lower, making him less likely to show aggressive or dominant behaviors. He’ll be friendlier toward all of his four-legged cousins.

No More Mounting

It can be quite embarrassing when you have guests over and your pint-size fur ball makes the rounds and humps everyone’s legs or makes a scene by mounting a pillow. He’s letting out some of his sexual desire. By getting him neutered at an early age, he’ll probably never begin to mount things -- or pets and people -- as a way to alleviate sexual urges.

Health Benefits

Neutering your little canine pal is beneficial for his health. His risk of developing testicular cancer later on in life drastically decreases after he’s fixed. Additionally, he’ll have a lower risk of suffering from tumors around his anus or having an enlarged prostate gland. His likelihood of good health will help keep him with your family for years to come.


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