"Manno, let me play along!": Corgi wants to romp with big dogs

"Manno, let me play along!": Corgi wants to romp with big dogs

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But that's a confident little corgi in the video. He would love to play with the husky and the Great Dane, but the big dogs just ignore the little guy. How mean! But the Corgi cannot be chased into the fenugreek and persistently tries to persuade his dog friends to let him join in.

"Hello! Down here! Here I am! Take a look!", The Corgi seems to want to tell the two big dogs. However, they are so immersed in their game that they do not seem to notice the little rascal. "Then I just have to bark louder and jump higher," thinks the brave little Drops. No sooner said than done - but the big ones don't pay attention to him. In the end, the game round dissolves without the corgi reaching its goal. But as brave as he is, he will definitely be more successful next time.

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