Dog Foods Wth Real Chicken

Dog Foods Wth Real Chicken

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With dog foods full of chicken by-products, chicken meal, mystery meat and ingredients that are impossible to pronounce, real, healthy, nutrient-soaked chicken can be elusive. Fortunately, there are several companies that have stepped up to provide pooches everywhere with good, hearty, healthy, natural, real-food based nutrition. Some of these foods have so many good ingredients in them that you may want to take a bite yourself!

The Honest Kitchen Thrive

The very first ingredient in The Honest Kitchen's Thrive is "dehydrated free-range chicken." Thrive contains 516 calories per cup and is a raw, dehydrated food that must be mixed with water before feeding. It is suitable for all life stages. It contains quinoa, an easily digestible, gluten-free, filling, amino-acid rich grain even grain-sensitive dogs typically tolerate well. All of the chicken used in their products is fresh and free-range.

Acana Wild Prairie and Chicken & Burbank Potato

Both of these Acana foods contain chicken as their very first ingredient as well as fresh, locally sourced eggs. Wild Prairie is grain-free with a mix of protein sources, while Chicken & Burbank Potato contains a single source of low-glycemic oats and protein. Both contain approximately 435 calories per cup and are suitable for all life stages.

NRG Optimum Chicken

NRG's Optimum Chicken is an extremely nutrient dense, high calorie food with "cooked and raw dehydrated Free Range chicken muscle meat" as the first ingredient. A bit further down the ingredient list are chicken liver and eggs. With 600 calories a cup, this food is suitable for all stages from puppy to adult and especially suited for highly active dogs. Optimum Chicken is a single-grain diet containing naked oats.

Timberwolf Organics Southwest Chicken and Herbs

Timberwolf Organic's Southwest Chicken and Herbs has chicken meal, chicken, spray-dried chicken liver and whole eggs in its ingredients list. This food is formulated from the diet a wolf would eat naturally, full of fresh, homegrown ingredients and blended into a kibble. This food is suitable for all ages and breeds and contains 522 calories a cup.


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