A basket full of fluffy puppies napping

A basket full of fluffy puppies napping

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Oh my God! In the video you can see the cutest basket ever. There is a whole bunch of fluffy cuddly puppies in it. The sweet little ones snuggle tightly cuddled together. Cute!

It is a huge stroke of luck that the puppies can lie there so peacefully: The four-legged friends were all saved - they came by air from a community in Northern Ontario, Canada, where there was no longer enough space for the orphans. A total of 60 dogs, including the fleece balls in the basket, were relocated from northern Ontario to southern Ontario as part of a major rescue operation and are now doing better.

After the dog is born: mother rejects puppy, what to do?

When a mother abuses one or more of her puppies, many dog ​​owners understand the world ...


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