Two-legged cat Cassidy can't be beaten

Two-legged cat Cassidy can't be beaten

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The cute cat in the video is called Cassidy. If you watch her jump from the scratching post onto the sofa like this, you will not notice at first that the brave velvet paw has a handicap: The minimiez has no hind legs from her knees.

"Pah, I still have two front legs," thinks the two-legged cat Cassidy and flies through the apartment. Incredible, considering that she does this without hind legs. Cassidy was rescued from certain death at the age of nine weeks, has been pumped up and is now a lively, happy babe - unmistakable! Have a lot of nice flight interludes, Cassidy!

For example in this video:

Here Cassidy still needs some support when running:

And that was Cassidy, shortly after the helpers picked up the minimiez:

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