How old do guinea pigs get? Life expectancy of the chubby cheeks

How old do guinea pigs get? Life expectancy of the chubby cheeks

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How old do guinea pigs get? A question that cannot always be answered with absolute accuracy. However, an average life expectancy of the cute rodents can be mentioned. You should be aware of these before buying guinea pigs. You should never keep guinea pigs alone, but always with at least one of their own kind - Shuttertsock / PHOTO FUN

Anyone who buys pets should be aware that these are not toys and that they have to be cared for and treated well for several years. This is especially true when buying a young animal. However, the age of guinea pigs is very difficult to determine. Once the chubby cheeks are fully grown, you can hardly tell. But how old do guinea pigs get now?

How old do guinea pigs get? exceptions prove the rule

A guinea pig will live between five and eight years on average. However, there are also reports that talk about 10 and 15 year old guinea pigs. Whether a rodent lives only a few years or rummages around the world for a long time also depends on the appropriate care. You should therefore plan for up to ten years for the loving care and care of the cute little animals and at the same time know that a guinea pig can sometimes bless the time after three, four or five years. There is no certainty - however, good care should always be required.

Buy guinea pigs from reputable breeders

How old guinea pigs ultimately grow depends largely on whether there are underlying diseases. Always only buy from a reputable breeder, where you can be sure that the pigs are not already loaded. Otherwise you run the risk of buying animals that have unrecognized diseases and therefore may not grow old. For safety, you can also have the rodents examined by a veterinarian before buying.

Ten reasons why guinea pigs are great pets

Animal welfare increases the life expectancy of guinea pigs

If you have guinea pigs at home, you have to care for them like all other animals in a species-appropriate and loving manner. Above all, this means that you never keep guinea pigs alone, but at least in pairs - the rodents are very social and need companions around them. It is important to have a sufficiently large cage and sufficient retreat and exit options. A guinea pig stable can not be big enough, but should never be smaller than one and a half, better two square meters. Also pay attention to the correct location of the cage. This should be calm, elevated and free of drafts. The right litter, species-appropriate drinking and eating options, a hay rack and an interior that enables movement and employment are mandatory. Of course, the right nutrition is also decisive for how old a guinea pig gets. You can find more about this in the guide: "Guinea pigs: food and feed for rodents".

If you make sure that your guinea pigs are not lacking in anything, the small rodents will not only be grateful, but will most likely also live longer.

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