Is it Possible to Cure Glaucoma in Dogs?

Is it Possible to Cure Glaucoma in Dogs?

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Glaucoma isn't a medical condition that is exclusive to humans. Vision loss is a major risk for dogs with glaucoma.

Background Information

If your pooch has glaucoma, then his eye pressure is excessively elevated. Dogs with glaucoma have inordinate amounts of aqueous humor collecting in their eyes. Aqueous humor is a clear substance that is responsible not only for providing nutriment to the eyes' tissues, but also for keeping up the eyes' overall form. Excessive aqueous humor results from the substance not draining out of the eyes properly, leading to pressure problems. Immoderate pressure can wreak a lot of havoc on eye function, from the optic nerves to the retinas.


If your furry pal has glaucoma, he might give off some key indications of it, so pay close attention. His eyes might appear unusually hazy or reddened, and you might even see discharge. He may squint a lot and his eyeballs could take on a swollen appearance. He might even trip over things in your home that should be extremely familiar to him. The poor thing may even seem a lot more confused and "out of it" than before. All of these things denote that your doggie might have an eye problem, and therefore needs to see the veterinarian, stat.

Veterinary Care

A veterinarian can figure out whether or not a dog has glaucoma by conducting an opthalmic evaluation. This type of analysis not only can signify the presence of glaucoma, it can also indicate its degree of intensity, as well. Glaucoma is not curable in canines, and because of that, veterinarians aim to manage it by reducing eye pressure -- and therefore the uncomfortable symptoms that result from that. The point of glaucoma management in dogs is to simultaneously ease discomfort and minimize eye pressure and aqueous humor. Vision maintenance is also a prominent objective. A wide array of different management options exist for canine glaucoma, including topical medicine, oral medicine and surgery. Your vet can inform you as to which specific choice is most suitable for your pet.

Especially Susceptible Dogs

Glaucoma is a possibility for canines of pretty much all breeds. However, certain breeds are particularly vulnerable to the eye disorder. These breeds include Labrador retrievers, beagles, basset hounds, Samoyeds and American cocker spaniels. Regardless of whether or not your pet is prone to glaucoma, frequent visits to the vet are imperative. The quicker a vet detects the presence of glaucoma, the quicker she can do something about it for your cutie.

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