Rally Obedience: trend sport for dogs

Rally Obedience: trend sport for dogs

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Rally obedience has long been a trend in the United States and dog sport has also reached Germany in recent years. In contrast to classic obedience training, fun for dog and owner comes first. At Rally Obedience, obeying is fun! - Shutterstock / SpeedKingz

In Rally Obedience you form a committed team with your dog. As you walk the course with him, you can cheer him on and praise him to your heart's content. Only you may not correct your four-legged friend in this dog sport.

Obedience training with a fun factor: Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience can be described as a mixture of obedience and agility training. As with classic obedience training, it is about your dog learning to obey you and promoting communication between the dog and the owner. However, this is not just about obedience, but also about fun and games like agility.

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Dog sport course with different stations

As with agility training, you and your dog go through a course with various stations during Rally Obedience. But instead of obstacles, your four-legged friend has to perform certain obedience exercises, which are noted on signs. These can be turns, a slalom run or "sit" and "stay" commands. For a course in rally obedience, 20 are usually selected from a variety of exercises.

This brings variety to dog sports and you can make such signs for yourself at home and carry out the rally obedience training in your own garden. You can find examples and further information on the rules of Rally Obedience on the website of the German Association of Utility Dog Sports Clubs (DVG).

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