Inquisitive otter baby: exploring for a nap

Inquisitive otter baby: exploring for a nap

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A touching story: The little otter baby in this video was found on a street. It was alone, his mother was not there and there was a risk that the young animal might not get along in the wild and starve. Therefore, the Chintimini Wildlife Center initially looked after the otter and found a place for it in the Oregon Zoo.

The fleece ball seems to feel really good there: after a short nap, the otter baby wants to explore its surroundings a little. During the tour of his enclosure, he discovers a lot of interesting things, which of course he has to inspect very carefully.

"Haaaaaach, now I'm really awake again and still want to see what there is to discover here!", Says the cuddly toy otter and takes a close look at his quarters. The sweet little guy first pats around on his cuddly mats until he sees a tub that is filled with water.

"Yeah, what's that?" The little otter wonders. A duck swims in the bowl, but only one made of wood, which the fluffy animal must of course sniff at immediately. The camera has also aroused the interest of the super cute cheeky roof and so the adorable otter baby runs there and enchants the viewers with its sweet, kuller instant.

You can see the first pictures of this cute otter here:

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