Symptoms of feline liver failure

Liver failure is a failure of liver functions. This severe clinical picture can arise in cats for different reasons and therefore manifests itself through different symptoms. Liver failure in cats is shown by various symptoms - Image: Shutterstock / Valeri Potapova

The liver is a central metabolic organ in your cat's body. Liver failure means that the organ can no longer perform its functions of detoxifying the blood and correctly utilizing important nutrients from food. Liver failure is a serious and life-threatening clinical picture, the symptoms of which you should know in order to be able to help your cat quickly in case of doubt.

Hepatic insufficiency: diverse symptoms

Some symptoms that indicate liver failure are vague and can also be associated with other illnesses - such as diarrhea or poor appetite. Liver diseases in cats can also make the fur dull, sometimes you can also see a strong thirst. Apathy and increased salivation are also among the symptoms of liver diseases.

A specific symptom of severe liver damage that can lead to liver failure is jaundice or jaundice. The cat's eyes and oral mucosa turn yellow. If the liver is so badly damaged that it is no longer able to transport pollutants out of the body, a disorder of the nervous system, the so-called hepatoencephalic syndrome, can occur. It manifests itself through changes in the behavior of the cat, anxiety, aggressiveness, muscle tremors, convulsions and disorientation up to loss of consciousness and comatose states.

Vaccination and prevention of the cat against FIP

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Causes of liver failure

Liver failure can occur with various other diseases. Cats with diabetes, for example, are prone to liver damage, and even obese cats can develop harmful fatty cells, known as hepatic lipidosis. Bacterial infections or chronic inflammatory diseases can also cause severe liver damage. Infectious diseases such as FIP can also lead to permanent damage to the liver.

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