British shorthair cat for sale

British shorthair cat for sale

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British shorthair cat for sale (in a box)

I've been having some trouble finding some people to buy my cat (I'm asking for less than $50). I know that the breeder doesn't care, but it would make it a little easier on my car fund if I had some. I don't really want to have to move, so I'm thinking of just keeping the cat in a box or something. Anyways, does anyone know of some places that would want to keep a box? I know pet stores and something like that, but does anyone know of any other places? Sorry, if this is a stupid question.

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As long as you are willing to clean up after her every night, a home where she can socialize with other cats should do her just fine. Any type of place that has a cat room. You can put her in a corner or a small fenced in area. I've lived with several rescue kitties and it is hard. I'm not sure if I've been a good owner or not but, I think you need to find the right kind of place to take her too. If the shelter can't place her with another cat, then maybe keep her at home.

It's better to keep her for the sake of her well being, even if it's just temporary. So, I'd recommend a safe environment, somewhere with a cat room. You could try a place like Petsmart (I don't know if they would be willing to take her in). But even if they won't, you can still contact rescue groups and get the help that you need.

Well, I got the home I wanted, and it's great, but it's actually owned by a friend and his family. We can all go to visit her if we want. I already asked the vet, but if anyone wants to donate their space for her to live in, let me know!

I think it's a good idea for her to have the option of being kept at your home. And it's not necessary for her to live with other cats (it sounds like there was a lot of tension there), but it's not ideal for the kittens' health, either.

I'm sorry you have to deal with a shelter, but good luck in finding her a new home!

The best thing for her is to stay with you because that will allow you to give her the best care. It is a wonderful thing to have a cat room. That will give her time to calm down and to be part of the family. I am sure you know that the shelter will not be a long term solution for her.

It sounds like you are in the process of finding her a new home, so you don't need advice on that right now. If you can find a good breeder to raise her that will be great. The shelter is not a good option for her because she will be there for a long time before you can get her home. If she comes to your house she will become part of your family and she can be well socialized there. You can read a book like "Keeping Feline Companions Forever" to learn more about raising and caring for cats.

It's hard to say exactly what will happen because it's so hard to tell what's wrong with a cat. My bet is on CCL, and I'm sorry, I think that this will mean surgery. She may get it at the shelter, but I would not trust them on the outcome. Surgery will definitely help her and I'm sure that you want to do it, but please consider all of this and don't jump right into it.

I hate to say it, but I don't really know why you would want a shelter cat when you have a home that can be kept her longer. However, that's just my opinion. Good luck.

Cats that are brought to the shelter are usually sick or injured and are being spayed or neutered so they are not there to breed. They are there because they are unable to survive outside of a shelter.

If you have a safe home for your cat, and that's all I care about, I say keep her. I'm sure you won't want to, but if you let this go, she will continue the problem and be unable to find a good home to be herself.

If you are going to have her spayed or neutered, do it now. It will make her life much easier later. If you do keep her and spay or neuter her later, she will be ready to be a mother. It's your choice but I don't think she will be able to settle into being a mother.

Also, I read through your thread and it appears that you are willing to put up with her behavior if that means you can't have a normal relationship with her. If you don't take her in soon, she may just not settle down. She is obviously just doing this to give you a hard time. So I suggest you call the shelter and ask for a "return-to-owner" form and then send her back to the shelter.

The shelter should still be able to find a good home for her, as they do this all the time. It will probably only take a few weeks for someone to notice her and want to adopt her. By then, it should be over.

If you do want to keep her, there are many other animals that need homes. There is a good chance she has been neutered by now, and will just be fine. The shelter will probably be willing to give you the procedure for free if they are at their maximum capacity. You may even get a voucher for it. That way, it is covered by your insurance.

Thanks to everyone. I'm still thinking about what to do. I'm going to go to the shelter tomorrow and ask if they have any puppies they would like to have adopted by someone like me. So I guess I'll see how that goes.

Yes, unfortunately, she'll be going back. I think she was just being a pain because she's had nothing to eat for a few days. I'm sorry she's causing problems. She's going to have to live with this for a while. And as far as neutering, she's been fixed. So I'm not sure if they would just do it for free. They're a small shelter.

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