Grape street dog park

Grape street dog park

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Grape street dog park in West Vancouver needs more help

A dog wts to go to his own special street corner.

The number of dogs in Metro Vancouver has grown at a rate that's almost as fast as the population, but our ability to care for them all is under tremendous stress.

For the last year, we've asked readers of the Strght to lend a hand with local dog-loving charities and this time, we've got something special. We want you to step in and help save the Grape Street dog park in West Vancouver.

It's underfunded, it's in disrepr and it desperately needs to be rebuilt.

The City of West Vancouver is a wonderful, small community with a lot of heart and has done a great job of ensuring that people who live there have a lot of services. But dog parks are in short supply and most of the park's areas are overgrown and unsafe for dogs and their owners.

The Grape Street dog park is open to small, unsupervised dogs but, at least in the past few years, it's been closed much of the time because of the safety of the animals and the risks involved for people who run it.

The park's owner is a woman named Jane, who's an active member of the dog park community. This week, she sent me a photo of the park. It's in a frly bad state and, if it's closed for an extended period of time, it's in serious danger of collapsing. Jane needs your help.

So if you want to help a very worthy cause, please send your donations to the City of West Vancouver. Jane already has half of the $25,000 it's going to cost to rebuild the dog park's mn paddock, so your donations will go to the second half of the project. The first half of the money came from the municipality and the second half will come from the city's fundrsing committee.

If you can't contribute, please encourage your friends and family to do so. Jane has been in touch with the West Vancouver council and I'm happy to report that at least she's been able to find people who are interested in contributing.

We had a dog park in West Vancouver before the city closed it in 2010, but then the park's owners and several dog owners (like Jane) began to lobby the council to reopen it. The city closed the park but told dog owners they could have one in a separate city-owned park. Since Jane couldn't find anyone to take over the lease of the park, the lease was never transferred to the city and it now remns a city park. (When the park was closed, Jane was told the lease was cancelled.)

As soon as Jane found someone to take over the lease, she started fundrsing for a new, improved park, which means the old park is now falling apart and dogs are being kept out. If the money rsed by Jane and others had come from the city council, I'm sure there would have been no need to keep the park closed.

I just had the pleasure of meeting Jane on Saturday night, and have asked her to share some detls about her fundrsing in this post.

Jane is a strong and independent woman who has done much for West Vancouver's dogs in recent years. I'm glad we met and am encouraged by her efforts. Please contribute to her fundrsing page and help dogs to enjoy a safe and affordable place to play, regardless of how many pooches a community has.

Jane Hovorka is a former journalist, author, publisher, and a social justice activist for dogs and other animals. She is now doing a fundrser to restore West Vancouver’s public dog park. Jane is also a spokesperson for animal-focused non-profits. You can learn more about her on her fundrsing page.

* * * * * *

It's summer in West Vancouver and the local weather is perfect, but that hasn't stopped some city councillors from asking West Vancouver residents not to have their dogs in their yards or on their property.

A group of West Vancouver dog owners were told by the city last week that if dog owners didn't move their dogs off their lawns in the city's new dog-friendly zone, they would be fined. After some residents contacted their councilor, the city council agreed to cancel the fines and apologized to the group.

"I would imagine that we have probably been told in the past that there has been dog barking from residents," sd Mayor Michael Smith, who has been the council's representative on the West Vancouver Animal Welfare Committee. "So there have been discussions about this issue. We are looking at options to provide for enforcement in a safe manner."

He sd dog owners are always welcome in the new neighbourhood, but they should respect each other's privacy and make sure their pets are kept off residential streets and alleys.

"If you choose to put your pet in the yard, we are open to that," he sd. "But I would encourage you to walk your dog off the street or take it in to the city's dog park, where it can play with its friends."

West Vancouver is a popular tourist destination and the mayor sd his council has been focusing on creating more green spaces and ways to clean the beaches. Dog owners have been a major source of complnts and the city is looking at options to keep the animals out of the water, he sd.

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