Water battle: dog chasing man with water hose

Water battle: dog chasing man with water hose

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"How about a little cooling in the summer?", The cheeky dog ​​seems to think in this video. Apparently the rascal had a clown in the morning and decided to chase his owner across the garden with a water hose.

The cute cheeky badger grabs the twisted water hose and splashes his two-legged friend with it. His mistress films the funny water battle and does not even think of helping her better half. The man runs away laughing and the dog happily follows. Herrchen does not seem to find it really bad to be sprayed wet by his cheeky four-legged friend. In the meantime, Mistress curls up behind the camera with laughter and cannot stop at all. No wonder, it stayed dry. But Herrchen doesn’t take the water attack from his furry buddy - after all, such a refreshing refreshment in the summer is also quite pleasant.

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